Ben Horton

The Best Plugins for OctoPrint

A guide on the best plugins to improve your OctoPrint experience.

OctoPrint and Plugins

OctoPrint, a powerful open-source 3D printer management tool, has garnered a dedicated community of users and developers who continuously enhance its functionality through plugins. These plugins serve as valuable additions to the core OctoPrint experience, offering users a wide variety of features and customization options to optimize their 3D printing workflows. In this article, we will explore some of the best OctoPrint plugins available, highlighting their unique capabilities and how they contribute to an improved printing experience. Whether you're a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a newcomer looking to enhance your printer's capabilities, these plugins offer insight into the diverse world of OctoPrint extensions.


The Fabra plugin allows you to take control of your 3D printer, anytime and anywhere using a mobile device. Fabra software offers seamless remote view and management, optimizing your print farm's performance. Along with Remote view and management of your printer, Fabra also has dynamic scheduling and print queues, which is extremely helpful for those printing multi-part prints. There is also tracking and analytics to give insights on your printer's performance. Fabra gives makers, designers, and manufacturers the tools they need to harness the full potential of additive manufacturing technologies.


The Octolapse plugin is designed to enhance time-lapse recordings of 3D printing processes. This plugin intelligently captures snapshots at key moments during the print job, ensuring that the time-lapse video showcases the entire printing journey with remarkable detail. Octolapse employs dynamic adjustments, such as camera movements and bed adjustments, to create smooth and visually appealing time-lapse sequences. By integrating advanced features like layer-based transitions and customizable settings, the Octolapse plugin elevates the quality of time-lapse recordings, providing users with a captivating visual representation of their 3D prints from start to finish.

Firmware Updater

The Firmware Updater plugin for OctoPrint serves as a crucial tool for simplifying and streamlining the process of updating 3D printer firmware. This plugin eliminates the need for manual intervention by automating the firmware update procedure, making it more accessible even for users with limited technical expertise. With the Firmware Updater, users can conveniently manage firmware updates directly from the OctoPrint interface, ensuring compatibility and optimizing the performance of their 3D printers. This plugin provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for keeping printer firmware up-to-date, contributing to a smoother and more reliable printing experience.

Bed Level Visualizer

The Bed Level Visualizer plugin for OctoPrint is designed to enhance the bed leveling process for 3D printers. This plugin generates a visual representation of the bed's surface by utilizing data from the printer's auto bed leveling (ABL) or manual probing. Users can easily interpret this visual feedback, allowing for precise adjustments to achieve optimal bed leveling. The Bed Level Visualizer aids in identifying any irregularities in the print bed, ensuring an even and consistent first layer for 3D prints. This visual representation simplifies the calibration process, providing users with a clear and intuitive tool to achieve accurate and reliable bed leveling, ultimately contributing to improved print quality.

Camera Settings

The Camera Settings plugin for OctoPrint is designed to simplify and customize webcam configurations. This plugin offers users an intuitive interface within OctoPrint to adjust and fine-tune various camera settings, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. By providing easy access to these controls, the Camera Settings plugin ensures users can optimize their webcam feed for the best possible image quality during 3D printing monitoring. This user-friendly plugin enhances the overall experience by allowing users to tailor camera settings to their preferences, ensuring clear and accurate visual insights into the printing process.


The PrintTimeGenius plugin for OctoPrint is a valuable tool that enhances the accuracy of estimated print times. By analyzing the G-code file, this plugin provides more precise predictions of how long a 3D print job will take to complete. PrintTimeGenius takes into account various factors, such as print speed changes and layer cooling times, to offer a more realistic and reliable estimation. This enables users to better plan and manage their 3D printing schedules. The plugin contributes to a more informed and efficient printing experience by providing users with a clearer understanding of the time required for their print jobs, aiding in overall workflow optimization.


In conclusion, the diverse range of OctoPrint plugins highlighted in this article underscores the adaptability and ingenuity within the 3D printing community. These extensions cater to various aspects of the printing process, whether it be refining time-lapse recordings, streamlining firmware updates, enhancing bed leveling precision, optimizing monitoring experiences, customizing camera settings, or improving print time predictions. Collectively, these plugins contribute to a more streamlined and efficient 3D printing workflow, showcasing the continual innovation and user-driven development within the dynamic field of 3D printing. As technology progresses, the evolving landscape of OctoPrint plugins offers users a multitude of options to tailor their printing experiences and explore new frontiers in the realm of 3D printing.